40% Reduced Prices on all ThemeSnap Themes

We have just made the decision to reduce the prices of our themes by 40% — from $99 to $59! Why would we do such a thing? Glad you asked… :) We are starting to realize that the time and effort required to make ThemeSnap.com the leader in the Drupal themes market means making our prices more competitive.

We are also looking at porting over many of our current Drupal 6 themes to Drupal 7 — like the new Unite Business theme for Drupal 7 we just finished!. We can see that this endeavor will require a lot more time and effort to make the Drupal 7 versions as stable as possible. WIth that being said, there are still modules we have included within our Drupal 6 themes that are not yet built for Drupal 7. We’ll be posting more in our blog as we work through the migration of each theme and while looking at these modules built by third-party developers.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide lower theme pricing so that we can support and fund our ongoing theme development for our existing themes. We are also working on several new ideas for more advanced themes (and solutions) for different markets or niches along with some ThemeSnap.com website changes in the coming months.

Let us know if you like our new Drupal theme prices by commenting below. We hope to make these prices permanent, but for now we’ll see how well customers like the new pricing.