A Complete Drupal Video Theme – GoVideo

Update 10/5/2011: We have updated the GoVideo theme with the new Drupal video module version 2.x. We have also included the Drupal video embed field module (http://drupal.org/project/video_embed_field) to allow you to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo, as so many people have asked for in the recent weeks.

Update 1/2/2012: We have added a video import module to the GoVideo Drupal theme. This module, once activated, allows you to upload as many videos using FTP. The uploaded videos will use the same node title as the file name. After you upload a batch of videos, you can edit the category, description, or further enhance the video title if needed.

We are hard at work, finishing up the last set of tasks for the Drupal GoVideo Theme. This theme is the first real Drupal video solution that gives users and administrators the ability to quickly add video content, blogs, news, and allow users to upload their own video content. Drupal’s extensive but easy-to-use permissions and roles options gives you total control of what users or roles can do within your video website. The GoVideo theme now supports HTML5, iPhone, and iPad playback using JW Player!

The GoVideo theme, along with the Drupal video module, allows you to upload video in any format, play video in any format, and transcode video to h246, Theora, VP8 using FFMPEG. Automatically create video thumbnails using this module and use video thumbnails in any section of the video website. The video module has a very reliable API for converting videos and auto thumbnailing. This module really can be used as an all-in-one video solution for Drupal.

GoVideo Main Features

  • Compatible with HTML5, iPhone, and iPad using JW Player!
  • Embed video content from YouTube and Vimeo (coming soon. See: http://drupal.org/node/957544)
  • Subscribe to user’s video content
  • Blog and “News” section
  • Video rating capabilities
  • Social media sharing options (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc)
  • Categorization and tagging options for videos
  • View videos by post date, most viewed, or top rated
  • FFMPEG transcoding using the Drupal video module
  • and way more!

We still have about 3 to 6 business days to complete the remaining tasks for this amazing Drupal video theme. But below are a few screenshots for those who have asked for more specifics or what certain pages will look like.

The theme will come with the standard installation profile for easy setup, but you’ll need special hosting requirements for ffmpeg and video support. We’ll post more on that once the theme is available.

GoVideo Main Page

The GoVideo main page consists of a top multi-select video playback option that plays new videos added, top rated, and being watched or recently watched videos in the main tabs. Below that you can see a “Featured Videos” region for promoting certain videos to the front page, a recent videos region below that area, and categories plus tabbed browsing of video content, tags, or comments. Ads within block regions are also supported.

GoVideo Drupal Theme

GoVideo Main Video Landing Page

The main landing page for videos includes a “subscribe” button for subscribing to a user’s videos, ratings options, social media sharing capabilities, embed link options, and many more custom features.

GoVideo Landing Page

GoVideo Theme Footer

Footer area of the GoVideo theme includes multiple navigation regions for links to external or other internal parts of your video website.

GoVideo Footer

Stay Informed of GoVideo’s Release!

We should have the first version available late next week (week of July 25th – 29th) for all those who have requested to know about the release date. We will run a special GoVideo theme pricing promotion for people who follow us on Facebook or Twitter. The promotion will only be given there. You can join either on the right column —> :)

  • Ho YuanHou


    I plan to run a video website and charge the login users for watching the video, does “GoVideo” support this feature with other modules?

    Is there a way to prevent the video from being copied by the login users? add watermarks …