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Social & SEO Tips to Sell More Themes on the ThemeSnap Marketplace

When you’ve spent countless hours and days creating your next awesome Drupal or WordPress theme, it’s no surprise that you want to get the most out of it. This is especially true when you’re submitting to a theme marketplace like There are quite a few different ways to increase traffic and conversions from your theme product pages. After all, these product pages are what potential customers are using to decide if your product is right for their next project. In this article, I will discuss some easy and useful ways to make your theme sell, using on-page product enhancements and off-page SEO/social media channels. Read more

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Top Reasons to Sell your Drupal Theme on ThemeSnap

Since relaunched several weeks ago we have been actively improving the marketplace, fixing bugs, and adding more incentives for authors to sell their themes on With that being said, we’d like to take this opportunity to list the reasons why we know selling your Drupal theme on ThemeSnap is more beneficial and lucrative than selling it with other marketplaces. Read more

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Tips on How to Nicely Present Your Product

It usually doesn’t matter how great your theme. template, or another digital product is if your item’s presentation is poorly done. If the presentation isn’t great, your chances of having strong, ongoing sales are low. So, we’ve taken some time to put together some of the best tips to follow when submitting an item for sale on the ThemeSnap marketplace. These tips should help you create awesome item pages and present your items in the best way possible to customers, taking advantage of all of the marketplace features we now offer. Read more

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The All-New ThemeSnap Marketplace! (v. 2.0)

ThemeSnap has taken into account all of the major aspects of creating a winning marketplace design and user interface in our newest version of Starting with pages such as the product page, author profile and portfolio pages, category pages (including filters), and many other marketplace features, we believe the final outcome is pretty amazing! Read more