Drupal Pinterest Clone

We have completed the Stable 1.1.x release of our PinBoard Pinterest clone theme and are already working on PinBoard – version 2. You can visit the PinBoard description page for more information or to purchase this theme! Also keep up with the PinBoard Roadmap for updates and ongoing PinBoard improvements.

We have been discussing the creation of a Pinterest clone built in Drupal over the past week or so. For those who do not know what Pinterest.com is (you must be living under a rock!), perhaps a few articles on its growth and popularity might be a good place to start your reading:

You can also do a search in Google for “Pinterest” to see many new topics regarding this growing social sharing web phenomenon.

What’s so Great about a Pinterest Clone?

Pinterest is a social sharing website, much like Facebook, Twitter, or StumbleUpon. But the main difference in Pinterest is that it provides a central location for people to organize and share their images, inspirations, likes, and dislikes — pretty much anything that they find interesting or inspiring. The images — what’s ultimately called “Pins” — can be placed on themed-type boards. These centrally-refined topics and subjects can range from software or gafgets to wedding ideas and travel. The topics and ideas are endless.

So, where is the money-making potential in such a clone like Pinterest? The model based behind this pin board concept is based on the mass sharing and growth from users to share and publish practically any area of interest. This, in turn, provides endless revenue possibilities, such as adding targeted advertisers to topics/products. But there are many potential opportunities, such as:

  1. Build better brand awareness
  2. Build links to product or brand websites
  3. Build massive amounts of targeted traffic
  4. Integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus
  5. Let users add Pinterest badges or buttons to their blog or other locations
  6. Increase your commerce channel(s)
  7. Target any niche and become a powerhouse in it
  8. and much more…

What we’re Working On and How You can Help!

We have been discussing building a Pinterest clone in Drupal with many of the same features of the Pinterest website. Some of those include:

  • FaceBook & Twitter Connect
  • Repinning Capabilities
  • Add to “Favorite” and “Like” Pins
  • Filter and Sorting by Search
  • Public & Private Pins
  • “Pinners” or Users you Follow
  • Video Capabilities
  • Popular Pins by Category
  • Inviting Friends
  • Commenting on Pins
  • Basic Blog Section
  • Drupal’s Admin Section for Easy Management
  • Sort & Rearrange your own Board
  • Mobile & Responsive Support
  • Chrome (and perhaps other browsers) Bookmarklets

This is a hefty undertaking at the moment with other projects we have going on. But we are looking for customers who want to chip in and help us get it done. Would you be willing to chip in to help us build a Pinterest clone for Drupal? We’d like to get started immediately as we have the framework and Drupal model already complete for the project.

Drupal Pinterest Clone Snapshot

Here is a small preview of the initial design concept we’ve completed. We will be beginning the porting process to Drupal next week.

PinBoard Pinterest Clone Theme

When we get this built, we’d likely be asking around $250+ for the solution. Our goal is to raise $5,000 to go towards the cost of development and give all who chip in at least $150 the script for free once it’s complete. Any other contribution will receive a final discount off the Drupal Pinterest clone theme retail price for around 25%.

If we can get enough interest in building this, I’ll add a Chip In widget to this page (removed as of now) and start taking contributions immediately. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.