Drupal Questions & Answers Theme

Drupal Yahoo Answers Clone. Q&A ModuleUpdate: We have retired the Q&A theme and have instead built a Drupal 7 Q&A theme called: Q&A 2. Find our more about the new Question 2 & Answers theme.

We are wrapping up the last few days of debugging our newest solution, the Questions & Answers Drupal theme. We are excited to release this theme because of the type of solution it will provide to customers. The concept came from Stack Overflow, a popular Q&A website that has attracted hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of users over the past few years. The benefit of such a Q&A website solution is that it allows users to add content freely and quickly, building up more and more content for the website so that the popularity and rankings improve over a short period of time.

Google and other search engines are indexing the web extremely fast, with Twitter, blog posts, and newly added content being indexed within minutes after posting. Many Q&A websites, like Yahoo Answers or Stack Overflow, also do exceptionally well ranking for long-tail keywords. This means that, while they are not optimizing each page when added by users, the pages end up ranking well for 3, 4, 5, or more long keyword search phrases in search engines. I also don’t know of many business owners that would not welcome the addition of hundreds or thousands of keyword-rich pages on their website, especially if the website owner is monetizing the content with ads or another revenue model.

The Questions & Answers theme is a great solution for practically any business wanting to take advantage of the above mentioned things. Whether it’s business, finance, sports, technology/web, or even more niche related like a pet Q&A or shopping site, this solution will add value to any business model.

Some of the Question & Answers theme feaures include:

  • 7 to 10 custom-built pages
  • Integration of the Drupal Views module for user tags, user profiles, and questions display/sorting
  • Blog section (other Q&A sites don’t offer this)
  • One-level threaded comments/replies for question pages
  • Quick Answer/reply forms
  • One-click Twitter posting for question pages
  • and more…

Built on Drupal, we know this Q&A solution will be very solid, unlike other open-source Q&A clones built by one or a few people. The risk of hacking and other security risks are far less when using Drupal for a solution such as this.

We’ll be updating this post once we’re done with the Question & Answers theme. Please leave any questions or comments you have below. Thanks!