Drupal Theme Training Videos for ThemeSnap Themes

Drupal Video Tutorials

One of the most valuable resources to help modify and adapt a Drupal theme would have to be well-created videos with step-by-step instructions. One of the authors of ThemeSnap.com, DoubleMThemes, has done a really great job with the creation of many simple training videos for their Drupal themes. Please check out the growing list of videos they have created by visiting the link further down in this post.

DoubleMThemes Drupal videos include the following tutorials (among others):

  • Integrating with Piwik Analytics – RealEstate Responsive Drupal Theme (and all other DoubleMThemes)
  • Drupal User Management – Drupal 7 First Steps
  • Drupal Basics Tour – Drupal 7 First Steps
  • Translating Property Fields – RealEstate Responsive Drupal Theme
  • Installing a new Language – CarDealer Responsive Drupal Theme
  • Setting Up Twitter Block – Slash Responsive Drupal Theme
  • Change Client Logos – Slash Responsive Drupal Theme

And many, many more videos specific to each theme. Check out their entire YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/DoubleMThemes

If you have any suggestions for other training videos you’d like to see DoubleMThemes or ThemeSnap create as it relates to the themes we sell, please leave your comment below.