Drupit – New Release with Improvements & Updates


The DrupIt (Scoop.it) Drupal theme was just updated (ver #: Drupit-7-1.0.3-2013.11.19) to include some improvements and features that will make the DrupIt theme more versatile and usable. Some of the main features include better SEO for search engine indexing, Slideshow for the main front page (fully managed with many slider options using Views), and Feed importing. Some of the other improvements include lighbox viewing of images, login overlay, and PathAuto configured for better, SEO-friendly URLs. 

Full List of Improvements for DrupIt

  1. The problem that is related to access permissions to RSS on a topic page is removed
  2. The view post page separately from topic is added. This page has navigation in the topic that a current post is associated with.
  3. Video scaling on mobile devices is improved
  4. The support of Retina displays is added
  5. Slideshow on the main page is added (10 randomly selected topics are displayed by default)
  6. The support of lightbox2 for viewing images is added
  7. The overlay for login form is added
  8. The redirection to login form for “follow” button for anonymous user is added
  9. Pathauto module is installed and configured
  10. The support of feed_import module (you must use not standard topic_sel field for “topic” field, several imports are added as an example)
  11. “Image CAPTCHA” module is installed and configured

If you need more information regarding the DrupIt update, please visit any of the links below:

Happy Scooping!