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12 Things To Do After Installing the GAM Theme

12 Things To Do After Installing the GAM Theme

We have put together a list of initial settings and configurations for the GAM WordPress Theme once purchased. Some of these settings include exporting data, changing the logo, improving SEO, and setting up your menus, among other useful things. For a full list of what’s included in the GAM Framework, please head over to the GAM WordPress Theme page for more details. Read more

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GAM Theme Framework Creates Localized Sites

Most online businesses offer their products and services to many different countries. For this purpose, they need to build a solid multilingual site that can cater to users that speak different languages. GAM theme framework has been tested and is compatible with the best multilingual plugin, which is called WPML plugin. With the help of this unique plugin, GAM framework has successfully been translated into many different languages. Read more

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GAM Theme Features Overview

These days it is becoming very difficult to find simple, clean and inexpensive themes for WordPress. Fortunately, there are some great sources that are offering simple and high quality themes to both basic and advanced users. One of the best performing WordPress themes is GAM Theme. There are many good things about this theme which make it a perfect option for all types of users. Read more

You Can Start Selling Online Quicker with the GAM Theme

GAM Theme is a design template for WordPress websites, which is extremely easy to use for the developers, as well as the users. GAM Theme has strong backend framework at admin panel, it called GAM Framework. You can rely on GAM Framework to quickly design your website without having to deal with a lot of technical issues and hassle. GAM Framework is easy to use and can be conveniently customised to suit your choices. Read more


The GAM Framework Theme: Providing Solutions for Modern SEO Strategy

SEO strategies are rapidly changing to meet the continuous demands of the internet. With the advent of social media the internet has integrated user activity for establishing the credibility and quality of websites. Modern age seo requires advanced techniques of brand building with comprehensive websites using a holistic approach to seo. Effective website management tools like the GAM Framework are user friendly resources that can help you create that one perfect website essential to brand building strategy online. Read more


What is GAM WordPress Framework Theme?

GAM Framework is meant on both users with no programming background as well as advanced developers. It will let you build and make your site in no time, with negligible attempt.This theme features a powerful admin panel on the WordPress backend that has the flexibility to let you use this theme for corporate websites, blogs, portfolios, magazine sites and more.Using this theme adjust general settings such as color schemes; upload custom logo images and much more. Read more