New Drupal PinItAll Theme – Pin Images, Videos, Sound (Music), and More

Apr 16,2015
PinItAll Drupal Pinterest Clone Theme

Update: PinItAll is now Available for Purchase

We are very pleased to announce another awesome Drupal theme named PinItAll that is very close to completion. Since our Drupal PinBoard theme was launched back in 2012, it has become one of the most sought after Drupal themes in our marketplace. That’s why we wanted to focus our efforts on improving that same theme concept and niche.

PinItAll is our newest theme and it was modeled after the PinBoard theme we built in 2012. PinItAll is packed with new features, additions, and improvements over PinBoard. Some of the newest features and additions are listed below (we’ll add more as we update this theme before launch).

New PinItAll Theme Features List:

  • View mode of board with pin location markers on map is added
  • View of subcategories on category page is added and the category page has more informative layout
  • Separate “following” is added to boards, users and categories, view of separate “followings” for boards, users and categories is added to user page
  • The appearance of view pin page is changed, additional information blocks are added: Board, More from…, Also on these boards, Related Pins
  • Forms of add and edit boards, pins and users are opened in the overlay now
  • Edge Fonts, Font Squirrel API,,, Google Fonts, font services support
  • Awesome icons are used in the templates
  • Drag and drop images upload
  • SoundCloud service support
  • Collapsible long images on the pins
  • News, New (followers activity) block
  • Color module support
  • Multilingual UI
  • Improved responsive design
  • Enhanced, faster infinite scrolling feature
  • and much more…

Here are some screenshots for PinItAll that show some of the current page layouts. Please note that we are still working on features, improvements, and other design elements.

PinItAll Frontpage

PinItAll Drupal Theme Preview

PinItAll Categories Dropdown and Pin Hover Over (notice far left, top pin)

PinItAll Drupal Theme Categories and Pin Overlay

PinItAll Category Example Page

PinItAll Drupal Theme Category Page Preview

PinItAll Pin Overlay for RePinning, Sharing, Commenting

PinItAll Drupal Pinterest Overlay

PinItAll User Profile Page

PinItAll User Profile Page

Please note that we are still in the final stages of development for this theme. It will be another 1 to 2 weeks before launching PinItAll.

Wrapping up, I wanted to address a couple of major questions previous PinBoard buyers will ask:

1) “Why are you building a new Pinterest-type theme?

Answer: We built the new PinItAll theme because PinBoard needed a major overhaul and we really could not accomplish the end goal with a PinBoard rebuild. So, we decided on a new theme instead.

2) “How can I upgrade my PinBoard theme to the new PinItAll theme when it’s ready?

Answer: We are going to provide a discounted price for all PinBoard theme customers and we’ll also offer free tools (script and instructions) for PinBoard data migration if a previous PinBoard customer decides they want to upgrade their PinBoard theme to the PinItAll theme.

I hope this answers the basic questions. As always, we will be adding more updates and/or screenshots to this post when we have more information to share. Thanks!

  • Stu21

    Wow! This looks great guys. You’re one of the only theme developers that I have purchased from that listens to their Members. I really appreciate the efforts and the thoughtfulness when it comes to little things like upgrade scripts. Thanks and can’t wait!