5 page builder

5 Best Free Page Builder Plugins for WordPress

Nowadays, most WordPress themes are provided with some kind of drag and drop page builders. By using these builders, you can create advanced layouts within minutes. However, if your theme does not have a page builder, you can use third-party […]


Start learning how to master your WordPress site

There are thousands of people starting to work on a WordPress based site or want to start a blog. All newbies are wondering where to start and what would be better to know before starting a site. There are lots […]

wordpress backup

WordPress Backup: The most important feature of a backup service

On our blog we have mentioned backup plugins to be important and a must have for anyone running their site on WordPress CMS. The reason for having a backup is to have the option to return to a previous point […]

Wordpress customizer

To Avoid or Not the WordPress Customizer?

Recently WordPress.org has issued a requirement for authors of themes uploaded to their directory to include all their theme options in the native customizer of WordPress CMS. That brought a lot of controversy and many users who are unsatisfied with […]

How to make your own images

How to Make Your Own Images for Articles and Posts

A big part of information we intake is visual and a big part of the people are better visual learners. Sometimes an image can send out a powerful message that can motivate, depress, attract or repulse.
Personalized images make a distinction in the eyes of the reader as there are so many sites and sources of information that goes before us everyday that it’s hard to remember the source in case we want to get back and check it again or recommend and share with others. Read more


Tips to Prevent your Responsive WordPress Website from Breaking

After the latest mobile changes in Google’s indexing algorithm everyone wants to have a mobile friendly website. Responsive web design is used a lot these days to make sites look good on any type of device with any screen size, […]

wordpress xss vulnerability

WordPress Plugins and Themes Affected by XSS Vulnerability

You might have heard in the last few days about the XSS vulnerability that affected WordPress plugins and also WordPress themes. Many authors of plugins and themes have already updated their WordPress plugins and WordPress themes to avoid security and vulnerabilities issues. If you have a WordPress theme with WordPress plugins setup on it, then you should check right away for updates. Read more

PinItAll Drupal Pinterest Clone Theme

New Drupal PinItAll Theme – Pin Images, Videos, Sound (Music), and More

We are very pleased to announce another awesome Drupal theme named PinItAll that is very close to completion. Since our PinBoard theme was launched back in 2012, it has become one of the most sought after Drupal themes in our marketplace. That’s why we wanted to focus our efforts on improving that same theme concept and niche. PinItAll is our newest theme and it was modeled after the PinBoard theme we built in 2012. PinItAll is packed with new features, additions, and improvements over PinBoard. Some of the newest features and additions are listed below (we’ll add more as we update this theme before launch). Read more

Drupal 8 Newest Features

Drupal Roundup: More About Drupal 8’s Newest Features – April 16th, 2015

We are going to start doing a “roundup” of articles and news related to Drupal in the coming months. There is so much information being written, we are sure we’re missing some of the important things happening in our daily news tools and filters. Posting updates like this will help us keep an eye on what’s new with Drupal 8 and also give our readers a good idea of upcoming features and improvements in Drupal and in the Drupal community. Read more

7 Top Social Media Plugins for WordPress

7 Best Social Media and Sharing Plugins for WordPress

Nowadays, it is simply impossible to exclude social media from any website. The more shares and likes your content gets, the more popular it becomes and the more traffic you receive. Therefore, it is very important that you include the necessary social sharing buttons in your site. In today’s post, I will discuss 7 of the best social media plugins for WordPress. These plugins will allow you to add nice and simple social sharing buttons in your WordPress site. Read more