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Top Reasons to Sell your Drupal Theme on ThemeSnap

Since ThemeSnap.com relaunched several weeks ago we have been actively improving the marketplace, fixing bugs, and adding more incentives for authors to sell their themes on ThemeSnap.com. With that being said, we’d like to take this opportunity to list the reasons why we know selling your Drupal theme on ThemeSnap is more beneficial and lucrative than selling it with other marketplaces. Read more

Understanding Drupal CMS Terms

Top 10 Drupal Terms Every New User Should Understand

Drupal can be difficult at first, but its PHP platform can be very rewarding with regards to functionality, online support, and versatility. Where Drupal really starts to shine is at a more advanced level of understanding just what’s “under the hood” in this powerful CMS. In order to get to a more advanced level, new Drupal users, or those wanting to delve deeper into Drupal’s inner-workings should first grasp the most popular Drupal terms to leap those critical, initial hurdles. Read more

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Tips on How to Nicely Present Your Product

It usually doesn’t matter how great your theme. template, or another digital product is if your item’s presentation is poorly done. If the presentation isn’t great, your chances of having strong, ongoing sales are low. So, we’ve taken some time to put together some of the best tips to follow when submitting an item for sale on the ThemeSnap marketplace. These tips should help you create awesome item pages and present your items in the best way possible to customers, taking advantage of all of the marketplace features we now offer. Read more

new themesnap marketplace

The All-New ThemeSnap Marketplace! (v. 2.0)

ThemeSnap has taken into account all of the major aspects of creating a winning marketplace design and user interface in our newest version of ThemeSnap.com. Starting with pages such as the product page, author profile and portfolio pages, category pages (including filters), and many other marketplace features, we believe the final outcome is pretty amazing! Read more


Is Shared Hosting a Good Option for Your Drupal Website?

When it comes to hosting a Drupal website, lot of people gets befuddled and confused about choosing a shared hosting provider. And so, if you’re going through such a dilemma then we’ll recommend you to read through this post to get a better understanding of Drupal shared hosting in detail. Reading this post will help you learn about the reasons as to why you should use shared hosting for your Drupal site, some disadvantages that you’ll most likely encounter on running your site on shared hosting and more. Read more


ThemeSnap Halloween Sale – 50% Off Top Drupal Themes

It’s nearly Halloween and we have put together some scary discounts on our top Drupal themes. This is the lowest prices for any of our top 4 Drupal themes — PinBoard, FlatClassifieds, DrupalMag, and ProVideo. All 4 themes are 50% off their normal price! Click on any of the themes below and check out the demo, features, and order any of these awesome Drupal themes for your next web project… and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Read more


Huge List of Drupal 8 Theming and Development Resources

Drupal is an open source CMS (Content Management System) framework which is written in PHP scripting language and Drupal freely available to download and use. The Drupal framework, modules, and even themes are distributed under the GNU General Public License. Drupal is used as backend framework to manage websites ranging from personal websites, blogs, government, political and corporate sites. Read more


August Drupal Theme Sale – Buy 1, Get 1 Free Offer!

ThemeSnap would like to extend a free theme offer to our much appreciated customers.For a very limited we are offering a free theme (choose from 12) of your choice with the purchase of 1 of our top 4 premium Drupal themes. The 4 premium themes are also on sale – up to 34% off! Read more


ThemeSnap Giveaway – Two Winners will Win any Drupal Theme of their Choice!

It’s been some time since we ran a giveaway at ThemeSnap.com. So, let’s change that by giving two lucky customers any Drupal theme of their choice. There are really no restrictions on this contest, meaning you can win if you’re in China, Yemen, or right here in the good ‘ol U.S. of A! :) Read more


10 Essential Drupal Modules you can’t Afford to be Without

Are you just getting started with Drupal? If so, you need to know that while Drupal is an incredibly powerful content management system, it isn’t flawless. Although, when you add in the following 10 essential Drupal modules, it comes pretty darn close to being a perfect CMS. The modules listed below will save you countless hours of custom programming and a ton of headaches in the long run. For all the old, grisly, Drupal veterans out there, this list may have a few hidden gems that will make your life easier as well. Read more