gam themes key features

GAM Theme Features Overview

These days it is becoming very difficult to find simple, clean and inexpensive themes for WordPress. Fortunately, there are some great sources that are offering simple and high quality themes to both basic and advanced users. One of the best performing WordPress themes is GAM Theme. There are many good things about this theme which make it a perfect option for all types of users. Read more

You Can Start Selling Online Quicker with the GAM Theme

GAM Theme is a design template for WordPress websites, which is extremely easy to use for the developers, as well as the users. GAM Theme has strong backend framework at admin panel, it called GAM Framework. You can rely on GAM Framework to quickly design your website without having to deal with a lot of technical issues and hassle. GAM Framework is easy to use and can be conveniently customised to suit your choices. Read more


The GAM Framework Theme: Providing Solutions for Modern SEO Strategy

SEO strategies are rapidly changing to meet the continuous demands of the internet. With the advent of social media the internet has integrated user activity for establishing the credibility and quality of websites. Modern age seo requires advanced techniques of brand building with comprehensive websites using a holistic approach to seo. Effective website management tools like the GAM Framework are user friendly resources that can help you create that one perfect website essential to brand building strategy online. Read more


What is GAM WordPress Framework Theme?

GAM Framework is meant on both users with no programming background as well as advanced developers. It will let you build and make your site in no time, with negligible attempt.This theme features a powerful admin panel on the WordPress backend that has the flexibility to let you use this theme for corporate websites, blogs, portfolios, magazine sites and more.Using this theme adjust general settings such as color schemes; upload custom logo images and much more. Read more


August Drupal Theme Sale – Buy 1, Get 1 Free Offer!

ThemeSnap would like to extend a free theme offer to our much appreciated customers.For a very limited we are offering a free theme (choose from 12) of your choice with the purchase of 1 of our top 4 premium Drupal themes. The 4 premium themes are also on sale – up to 34% off! Read more


ThemeSnap Giveaway – Two Winners will Win any Drupal Theme of their Choice!

It’s been some time since we ran a giveaway at So, let’s change that by giving two lucky customers any Drupal theme of their choice. There are really no restrictions on this contest, meaning you can win if you’re in China, Yemen, or right here in the good ‘ol U.S. of A! :) Read more


10 Essential Drupal Modules you can’t Afford to be Without

Are you just getting started with Drupal? If so, you need to know that while Drupal is an incredibly powerful content management system, it isn’t flawless. Although, when you add in the following 10 essential Drupal modules, it comes pretty darn close to being a perfect CMS. The modules listed below will save you countless hours of custom programming and a ton of headaches in the long run. For all the old, grisly, Drupal veterans out there, this list may have a few hidden gems that will make your life easier as well. Read more


Top 10 Responsive (Mobile) Drupal Themes of 2014

Year after year, the mobile phone industry continues to expand with 2014 being no different. According to a recent study, it is estimated that 63.5% of the global population have a mobile phone. To put that into real numbers, approximately 4.55 billion people currently own a mobile phone. Not surprisingly, that number is expected to increase to a whopping 5.13 billion by 2017. Read more


Top Picks – 5 Best WordPress Affiliate Link Marketing Plugins

If you’re a WordPress user and make money, or would like to make money, from affiliate marketing, the choices of what plugins to use can get quite confusing. There are a number of requirements to look at before jumping right in and installing random plugins without understanding what each one of them does — or does not do.

In this short post, we’ll simply cover the top 5 WordPress affiliate plugins we feel are easy to setup and manage. The least amount of work for the greatest return is the goal, right? ;) Read more


Easily Create and Send a Drupal Newsletter with SimpleNews

Yesterday we discussed creating a WordPress Newsletter using MailPoet. Today we’ll switch to another CMS and talk about sending newsletters with Drupal.

If you use Drupal, are you always wanting to email your visitors the latest info about what’s going on for your business or website? Do you want to do it without resorting to 3rd-party services like MailChimp? Do you want to send emails right out of your dashboard?

Sounds like you need to create an email newsletter with some internal functionality. There’s a way to do that with Drupal! Read more