Pay Using Debit and Credit Cards, New Affiliate Progam & Features Added


We’re really excited to write about some of the newest additions we’ve implemented over the past week at Many of our customers and authors that visit ThemeSnap on a regular basis will notice that we’re implementing several new features each week. So, let’s see what’s new!

Stripe Payment Processor Implemented!

Paying directly with your credit or debit card through Stripe is here! And guess what? In the first day after implementing Stripe we had more than a 30% increase in sales via Stripe. We attribute this to several factors, such as many people not using Paypal, not having an account there, or perhaps just the added speed of purchasing themes using their credit / debit cards. We know this will be a valuable addition to the marketplace to help facilitate conversions.


New ThemeSnap Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is brand-spanking new! We finished testing the affiliate program last week and rolled it out to production on Friday of last week. The affiliate program gives the same 15% to authors for referrals as did the old affiliate program. The 15% commission for affiliates comes from the customer’s first purchase when an affiliate refers a new user to ThemeSnap. Read more details about the ThemeSnap affiliate program.

The new affiliate program gives affiliates the ability to link to a product page, author profile page, category page, or the homepage. Plus, grabbing an affiliate link for any product page has been simplified. Once you’re logged into ThemeSnap, simply go to the product page and click the button on the right column to copy your affiliate URL for that particular page to your clipboard. How easy is that? ;)


New Search Added

On the  homepage, category page and even our 404 page we have added the new search field. Customers can easily find products to review and purchase using this quick and easy search functionality we’ve built in.


Countdown for Products with Discounts

All of the products on that are on sale from authors now have a countdown timer to indicate when that sale is ending. We feel this countdown creates a sense of immediacy and potential buyers know that the discounts will not last forever.

Also we’ve implemented a lot of changes to improve performance and conversions over the past week or two. We’re excited about our new authors being added and we’re adding new things to each week to better serve our awesome customers and authors.


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