Pro Classifieds for Drupal – Classified Ads Theme & Module

Pro Classifieds

ProClassifieds is now available! Review the ProClassifieds Drupal theme features and the live demo.

We are hard at work on a new type of theme that will cover the classified ads market. We decided that we wanted this classified ads theme to look and function much like Pinterest. It’s name will be Pro Classifieds. We are just in the first phases of theme design but we’re already making some solid headway with the design and functionality list. You can see a small screenshot below that will give you an idea of what the new Pro Classifieds Drupal theme will look like.

Pro Classifieds Front Page Preview

Pro Classifieds Drupal Theme

Pro Classifieds Ad Listings Page

ProClassifieds Listings Page

Pro Classifieds Category Page

ProClassifieds Category Page

Some of the features of this new classifieds theme will include the following:

  • Quick classified ads filtering and search
  • Social media sharing
  • Categories like “Want to Sell,” “Want to Buy,” or even “For Rent” (for apartments or homes — or anything!)
  • Pinterest-style layout for maximum ad exposure and click through
  • Mobile layout
  • Mobile app (soon – not with initial release)
  • Quick contact form for contacting buyers, sellers, and classified ad posting authors
  • A bunch more cool stuff to be shown and added soon!

If you have any input on this new classified ads theme for Drupal, please do drop some comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!