Questions & Answers 2 – Mobile! New Premium Q&A Theme

Questions & Answers 2 - Mobile Premium Q&A Theme

Two blogs posts in a week! I should make this a habit. :)

I’d like to post a few snapshots of our upcoming Questions & Answers 2 theme. Our previous Q&A theme has done quite well. But the biggest two requests we’ve received from customers are:

  1. Can we have better design choices? And;
  2. Are you going to build a mobile version of the Q&A theme?

The answer to both is YES! We are currently working on the Questions & Answers 2 Drupal theme. We plan on adding some additional features and improvements as well. Here’s a snapshot of a few of the design choices in the new Q&A theme below. I’ll add more design comps soon!

Questions & Answers 2 Theme – Design 1

Questions & Answers 2 Theme

Questions & Answers 2 Theme – Design 2

Questions & Answers 2 Theme - 2nd

As you can see in the designs above, the design layout can be totally different. Plus this theme will be mobile! The new Q&A theme will also include Google font switching capabilities and more. We’ll update you with more over the next few days. Feel free to provide your thoughts below. We’d love to hear customer input!