The All-New ThemeSnap Marketplace! (v. 2.0)

new themesnap marketplace

A New ThemeSnap Design

ThemeSnap has taken into account all of the major aspects of creating a winning marketplace design and user interface in our newest version of Starting with pages such as the product page, author profile and portfolio pages, category pages (including filters), and many other marketplace features, we believe the final outcome is pretty amazing! We believe the new ThemeSnap marketplace will result in more and happier customers and better sales and marketplace functionality for authors. Here are just some of the fantastic improvements ThemeSnap includes in v2!

Better Architecture & Code

More than a year was spent developing the new technology and script used for ThemeSnap, making it more robust, secure and scalable than ever.

New Features and Additions

Let’s talk about the most exciting parts: New marketplace features! Lots of really cool, new features are added to the new ThemeSnap marketplace — many of which other marketplaces simply just do not have.

coauthoring agreements themesnap

Co-Authoring Agreements

Yes. This is exactly what you think it is. :) Designers and developers can finally (and financially) unite! Now you can securely collaborate with another ThemeSnap author and ThemeSnap will automatically split the profits from items you create with other authors. Each of the authors gets his own share of the item(s) sold based on the Co-Authoring Agreement you choose, taking into account the agreed upon item share rate from each sale! You can even search for a co-author, define his / her role, your desired percentage from the item collaborated on, and use other cool co-authoring filters.

To enable this feature, go to your Account Settings > Author Settings.

authors support team

Author’s Support Team

An author can set other ThemeSnap members to be a part of their team and in this case those members will be able to provide support via the commenting system on author’s items. The options to add 1, 2, or more team members to help with customers means you can provide better and faster support to your customers.

To add users to your support team, go to your Account Settings > Author Settings.

club subscription membership

Setup Club Membership + Subscription Fee

Now you can sell all the items you own in one subscription club package where the buyers will pay a one-time price to have access to all of your author items. Then, simply set up a monthly membership fee for access to your items for each month thereafter. So, for example, if you had 10 items and you wanted to sell them all for a discounted price of $400, you can easily do it in the new marketplace. Plus, you can allow your subscription buyers access to your 10 themes (and any future themes) for a $40 monthly subscription fee.

This sale method is largely used by the majority of theme shops.

To setup your club membership and subscription fee, go to your Account Settings > Author Settings.

Sell Regular and Extended Licenses

Long story short, regular licenses are bought by clients which will use your product for themselves and will not sell the item or charge for it even if your item is a part of their end product. Extended licenses let users charge for the end products they are creating using the item they bought from you (i.e. charge for a website design for which they used your website template to complete). Still, an extended license means a buyer cannot sell your work.

A user should buy a license for each different item and not use your item on several products. Of course, extended licenses cost a bit more than regular licenses (think about a 20-50x multiplier of the original price) because of the added extended license usage rights provided.

Now you can enable extended licensing from your Account Settings > Author Settings.

balance and reports

Balance & Reporting

In the new marketplace we came up with a great solution that combines your balance with a report tool that allows you can see your sales, withdrawals, and even your purchases for any given time period.

Check out the new Balance.

Please note that we’ve migrated all the transactions, sales, generated licenses for each sale, etc. and now your balance reflects all your past sales, but in order to keep it correct, it doesn’t reflect the past $ value from the previous marketplace script. All the transactions made on the new marketplace version will, of course, reflect the $ values.

Set Your Price, Discounts and even more!

We’ve had the “set your own item price” policy and individual item discounts for more than an entire year already. So, these are not necessarily new features. What is new though is improved author tools we use for up-selling your items. For example, the ThemeSnap author dashboard allows you to see all of the users who added your item(s) to their Wishlist. This new promotional tool allows you, the author, to automatically send any customer that has your item(s) in their Wishlist an email notification with personalized discounts for a given time period for the product they wished for. This will help you close more sales and get you more satisfied customers!

Isn’t that awesome?

product package files list

Product Contents Preview

In the new marketplace, the buyer can see the author’s product package contents as a list of files before buying it. This will avoid many of the misunderstandings about what exactly is included and the buyer will get a much more clear view on what’s he / she about to buy.

All of the above is only the beginning. We are working hard under the hood of the newest ThemeSnap marketplace and will be announcing newer, more amazing features to be launched really soon!

We would really like to know your thoughts about the new ThemeSnap. Please also bare with us for a couple of weeks in case something doesn’t work correctly or we missed something in the ThemeSnap migration process. If you notice something strange or broken, please let us know and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. We are working almost non-stop on polishing up the marketplace and we’re on our way to making ThemeSnap the premium location to sell your themes, templates, PSD designs, and more.