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There have been quite a few recent mobile statistics finding that mobile website design will build up mobile website usage — some by as much as 28%! This is pretty amazing considering just how long mobile has really been around. Here at we’ve been building a number of fully responsive, mobile Drupal themes for our users to choose from. We’re continuing to build more and more Drupal mobile themes each month. But below I’ll highlight some of the current mobile themes we have available for Drupal right now!

PinBoard Theme (Pinterest Clone)

Pinterest clone in Drupal

Visit Theme Page: PinBoard Theme

The PinBoard theme is a Pinterest clone we built using the popular Drupal CMS. We have made many fixes, updates, and enhancements since just a little over a month ago. This theme is built using the very popular Skeleton responsive framework that makes it responsive on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. We are about ready for our official out-of-beta release within the coming week!

ProVideo – Drupal Responsive Video Theme

ProVideo - Drupal Responsive Video Theme

Visit Theme Page: ProVideo Drupal Video Theme

ProVideo is our newest premium Drupal video theme. ProVideo is responsive and comes packed with custom features for a truly unique and integrated website. ProVideo uses Bootstrap so it can be viewed on iPhone, Android, and it’s HTML5 compatible. ProVideo also has custom Google fonts to choose from and you can choose between 3 different video players for theme — JW Player, FlowPlayer, and HTML5 Player. You can embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo and even use our bulk upload module to upload batch videos directly through FTP to your ProVideo theme. Also choose from unlimited colors using a color picker for fonts, hover effects, and even buttons. Retina ready and esy to install! Get ProVideo today.

Filia – Responsive Drupal Commerce Theme


Visit Theme Page: Filia – Drupal Commerce Responsive Theme

Filia is a responsive Drupal Commerce theme built using Twitter Bootstrap. This theme is fully responsive and includes a modern Commerce store design. Features of Filia includes filtered products sorting, modern hover effects, and retina display. Filia comes with Mega Slider worth $20 in itself. Filia is also SEO-ready and comes with full documentation to get you up and running quickly. With over 300+ icons and Google fonts ready, it’s no wonder Filia is a #1 selling theme for Drupal Commerce.

inStock Drupal Commerce Theme

inStock Drupal Commerce Theme

Visit Theme Page: inStock – Drupal Commerce Theme

inStock is another awesome Drupal Commerce theme that’s responsive. It’s perfect for any modern online store and comes with a ton of out-of-the-box features. inStock is responsive using Bootstrap and HTML5/CSS3. inStock includes the popular MD Slider (worth $20!) with over 100+ jQuery effects for the slider. inStock also features filtering by product type, brand support, facteted search, a shopping cart, and social media integration. Did we also mention inStock is Retina Ready and has a color palette color switcher included (worth another $16). There is really too much to mention in this awesome Drupal Commerce theme!

Drupit Theme ( clone)

Drupit Responsive Theme

Visit Theme Page: DrupIt – Clone Theme

Drupit is a clone that allows you and your website members to quickly upload, organize, and share content that you curate from around the web. Think of it as a content curation theme (much like The advantages of a responsive theme like Drupit is to provide to you the ability to quickly and efficiently curate content from around the web using the built-in bookmarklet to post the content. You can then share it across your social networks. Check out Drupit, one of our newest mobile Drupal themes, for your next Drupal content curation project!

SQ: Square Metro Theme

SQ Square Metro Drupal Theme

Visit Theme Page: SQ: Square Metro Theme

SQ: Square Metro is a responsive Drupal theme designed for digital agencies or to showcase your designs or portfolio. SQ: Square Metro is clean and easy to edit or add content to — providing easy, one-click, updating for your content. Try our Square Metro for your next responsive design project.

RealEstate Mobile Theme

Real Estate Drupal theme

Visit Theme Page: RealEstate Theme

The RealEstate mobile theme is perfect for realtors or real estate agencies that want to display their homes for sale, rentals, or just want to showcase the houses they’ve sold as a realtor. This theme comes packed with awesome features like a filtered search for properties, custom banners for “Featured Property,” “Sold,” “Open House,” and so on. This real estate theme is also responsive (starting in late April ’13) and is just right for realttors wanting their website to look just as beautiful on the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. If you know a realtor, let them know about RealEstate!

ProClassifieds Theme

ProClassifieds Drupal Theme

Visit Theme Page: ProClassifieds Theme

The ProClassifieds theme is the perfect classified ads solution for your business to sell, rent, or buy. You can use ProClassifieds for collecting sites (antiques, coins) to selling video games. It’s totally up to you! ProClassifieds is completely responsive and works with iOS and Android devices. Viewing on an iPhone, iPad, and building traffic with a responsive design is a must. ProClassifieds will get you there in no time. Set this theme up in under 5 minutes with our easy Drupal installation profile (installer).

Retail Shop Drupal Mobile Theme

Retail Shop Drupal Commerce Theme

Visit Theme Page: Retail Shop Theme

Retail Shop is another Commerce theme for Drupal. It was rebuilt using a mobile framework for iOS and Android devices.  Retail Shop uses the Drupal Commerce module, perhaps the most extensive and growing Drupal Commerce themes on the market today. Retail Shop also provide for a simple UI for your users and a clean display of all of your featured products. If you’re looking for a shopping or commerce theme, look no further than Retail Shop.

WoowShop Theme

WoowShop Drupal Responsive Commerce Theme

Visit Theme Page: WoowShop Theme

WoowShop is a responsive Drupal Commerce module to help you sell easily and fast. The Commerce module also has a growing list of additional modules to help you with all types of Commerce features and options. Your customers will not have any issues viewing WoowShop on their mobile devices, such as Android or iPhone. You can also easily set up WoowShop in under 5 minutes with the Drupal installation profile provided. 

NewsCenter Mobile Theme

NewsCenter Drupal Mobile Theme

Visit Theme Page: NewsCenter Theme

NewsCenter uses CSS3 and comes with 15+ pre-built custom Views for its clean layout. Have a magazine, news site, gadget blog, or about any other content-centric website? NewsCenter is a perfect fit for your next Drupal mobile theme project.

Best Mobile Theme

Best Mobile Drupal Theme

Visit Theme Page: Best Mobile Theme

Best Mobile is also built on the Skeleton responsive framework and has plenty of custom features, like 3 slider options for the home page, light and dark color schemes, and a really clean portfolio section (for any images you want to highlight). Best Mobile is very light weight with special attention to SEO-optimized source code for easier search engine crawling.

Ultim8 Magazine Mobile Theme

Ultim8 Magazine Mobile Theme

Visit Theme Page: Ultim8 Magazine Theme

Another ThemeSnap theme that uses the Skeleton framework, Ultim8 Magazine is simple and fast loading. Ultim8 is built for news or magaine sites, sports sites, blog sites, or just about any other that focuses on content. Buy the Ultim8 theme for less than $60!

GoMobile Theme

GoMobile Drupal Theme

Visit Theme Page: GoMobile Theme

GoMobile uses a smart fluid grid and CSS Media Queries. This is why the GoMobile Drupal theme will easily adapt to nearly any screen resolution and device — including mobile, such as that for the iPad or iPhone. Viewing on an Android device? GoMobile scales down nicely for that too! GoMobile is perfect for agency websites, portfolios, photographers, service providers, and many more niches!

Seven Mobile Theme

Seven Mobile Theme for Drupal

Visit Theme Page: Seven Mobile Theme

The creator of NewsCenter and Sencillo has completed this very beautiful Drupal mobile theme called Seven. This mobile theme is packed with features that make it easy to set up your Drupal website. The screenshot above shows just one of the several home page layout options you can choose from. This theme will be 100% responsive for all mobile devices!

Repro – Responsive Drupal 7 Theme

Repro Drupal 7 Responsive Drupal Theme

Visit Theme Page: Repro Drupal 7 Mobile Theme

We have just recently added Repro to our list of Mobile/Responsive Drupal themes. Built with HTML5/CSS3, the Repro mobile theme is a prefect fit for news, magazines, portfolio, or other Drupal niches. With its responsive layout capabilities, Responsive Pro works with resolutions from 320px to 1170px. Order Repro today and get the most flexibility from your Drupal website with the growing mobile demand!

Sencillo Drupal Mobile Theme – 3 Responsive Designs in 1

Sencillo Responsive Drupal 7 Theme

Visit Theme Page: Sencillo – 3-in-1 Responsive Drupal Theme

Sencillo is a remarkable Drupal 7.x Responsive theme that not only has one responsive layout, but three in total for the front page! Just choose with one click which responsive layout you want and viola! The options in Sencillo are endless. You can check out the responsive home page layout options here. Sencillo also has watermark support for portfolios or photos you might add. Built with HTML5/CSS3, Sencillo is a must have in your Drupal collection.

WebSource Drupal 7 Responsive Theme

WebSource Drupal 7 Mobile Theme

Visit Theme Page: WebSource Drupal 7.x Mobile Theme

WebSource is another Drupal 7.x theme we just completely updated (in July 2012) that includes a complete responsive design and it a great choice for newspapers, magazines, blogs, and similar industries. This theme was also built using HTML5/CSS as the mobile framework. At less than $60, this theme or any of our Drupal mobile themes are a super starting point to get your next Drupal mobile theme a head start.