Update for December & January

I can’t believe it’s 10 days till Christmas! This year flew by and I think we made some good progress with new themes being added, improving support, and forging ahead with new ideas and theme enhancements.

With that being said, I’d like to announce some upcoming improvements and new themes as it relates to our theme development. I also wanted to share a little about our direction for in general. Some of these changes are major ones, but I believe change is good, especially when you’re talking about improving products and services. Here’s a few of those listed below.

Theme Updates and Additions

  • GoVideo Drupal Theme — We are planning on adding a batch/bulk uploading feature for the GoVideo theme. This means that if you have 20, 30, or 50 videos you need to add to your GoVideo Drupal theme, you can simply FTP those videos in batches to your server. From that point our module will convert those videos using FFMPEG (configured on your own server). This will speed up the time it take to add videos to the GoVideo theme. More time saved means more time you can save to do other things, like making money. :)
  • New Drupal Shopping/Commerce themes — We get a lot of requests for custom commerce websites built in Drupal via our paid Drupal development and support section. We have decided to launch several new Drupal shopping themes, like Shoppica or Ecommerce Pro, in the coming months to meet the growing demand for Drupal commerce websites.
  • New Mobile Themes — It’s a clear direction website development and mobile usage that mobile themes are in high demand. Our newest Drupal mobile theme, GoMobile, has been very popular since its release last week. We are working on a few new projects related to mobile themes over the coming months. We’re also leaning towards using a well known mobile framework for all future Drupal mobile theme development. More on this in the coming months… Updates

We have been quietly at work on a completely new, with all new features, easier and improved user interface, and several additions that I cannot share quite yet, or at least until we are closer to a full release. However, I can share a snapshot below that’ll give you an idea of what the new will look like (we’re still making some adaptations, so it’s not 100% complete).

ThemeSnap Marketplace New Design

We are hoping to have a BETA version up and running by mid-January. Please give us your feedback on anything I’ve mentioned above or improvements you’d like to see added to the new We’d love to check out any feature or improvement suggestions we feel would make us more competitive and continue to help us provide better solutions for you, our valued customers!