Top Reasons to Sell your Drupal Theme on ThemeSnap

Jan 26,2015
Drupal Themes marketplace

Since relaunched several weeks ago we have been actively improving the marketplace, fixing bugs, and adding more incentives for authors to sell their themes on With that being said, we’d like to take this opportunity to list the reasons why we know selling your Drupal theme on ThemeSnap is more beneficial and lucrative than selling it on other marketplaces.

Top Reasons for Selling your Drupal Theme on

One-on-one Author Relationships

Probably the most important reason to sell your Drupal theme at is because we have a close, one-on-one relationship with authors and we actually listen to our author’s ideas on improving the selling opportunities or ways to improve conversions. The result? We are constantly improving with our authors input and we actually listen, which is a win-win for authors and customers alike.

Excellent Customer Support

Since we’re relatively small (in comparison to a few large marketplaces), we provide a more hands-on approach to customer inquiries and support. Other marketplaces have boilerplate responses for their customers and shuffle them through like cattle. Not! The result? The customer gets more attention and service for their money and they enjoy being treated like the awesome customers they are.

Provide Direct-to-customer Drupal Theme Discounts

We allow all authors the option to offer Drupal theme discounts directly to individual customers who have added that author’s product(s) to their Wishlist. The result? Customers get a great deal and become repeat customers. The author chooses whether they want to provide special offers to increase sales.

Provide Standard Discounts on your Themes

We also offer author’s the ability to provide discounts for any Drupal theme they might add. Do you want to run a Halloween special? What about a Christmas or other occasional deal to customers? ThemeSnap has a built in discount option to place any product on sale, and for any period of time. The result? More products sold for the author. Authors can also get huge conversions by promoting these discounts on their social media network or on their website. And this ability to offer a special sales promotion also makes customers happy because since they can jump at the chance to get a great theme deal.

Our Core Customer Base is Drupal

Just because another marketplace has a ton of products or themes doesn’t make it the best. ThemeSnap might be smaller by comparison right now. But we have over 10,000+ current Drupal customers and our core focus has always been Drupal themes and modules. We are a more trusted source for Drupal themes for this reason. Result? Customers feel more in touch with ThemeSnap because we have worked with Drupal since 2004 and we truly understand Drupal themes and have even built quite a few premium Drupal themes ourselves.

Co-authoring Option for Quick Drupal Theme Development

Collaborate with other authors. We now have a Co-authoring system built right in. If you’re a wiz at the development side of building Drupal themes but not the best at the design aspect, then you can easily pair up with another Drupal theme author to share the workload one or more themes. The result? Build Drupal themes faster, share the support, and share theme revenue (that you set and agree to b/w you and the other author). Ultimately, you can build a superior Drupal theme than if you built it alone.

Highest Drupal Theme Payouts to Authors!

Sign up to sell and get 75% for your themes, for life! The result? Make more from each sale and the life of your ThemeSnap account.

Other Reasons to Sell at

Let’s also not forget some other great features we have for selling your Drupal themes on

  • Club Subscriptions
  • Sell anywhere you want (no penalties for selling on other marketplaces! You just have to keep the price the same)
  • See exactly which users purchased your themes
  • Instant Drupal theme approval (we’ll review your product after it’s accepted. But it’s approved instantly

These are just a few of the incentives for selling your premium Drupal theme with us. We are aiming to be not just the biggest Drupal themes marketplace on the planet, but also the best. Are you ready to sell your next Drupal theme at your own price, offer your own discounts or one-on-one deals to customers, or collaborate with other awesome Drupal authors?

Find out more about how selling your Drupal theme at is a great choice!