WoowShop! Our New Drupal Commerce Responsive Theme


UPDATE 11.06.12 – The WoowShop Drupal Commerce theme is now available!

We are working on some exciting new themes here at ThemeSnap.com. The current few themes in development include a real estate theme (based off of the Drupal Car Dealer theme (more to follow in a separate blog post) and another we’re working on called WoowShop. The WoowShop Drupal theme is quite unique in that it’s completely mobile (responsive) and it includes faceted search capabilities. So, you can set up brands, product types, or other criteria within the faceted search options for WoowShop. This is great for practically any type of products and helps customers navigate right down to the product they’re looking for more quickly.

WoowShop will be set up using the popular Commerce module from Drupal. The pages that will be included in the WoowShop theme are front page, main category page, product page, blog main page, blog post page, and a general use typography page. Below you’ll find a few snapshots of this new, awesome Commerce theme we’re working on!

We are shooting for the end of the month for completion of WoowShop.

WoowShop Front Page

WoowShop - Drupal Commerce Front Page

WoowShop Main Product Page

WoowShop Commerce Theme - Product Page

WoowShop Main Category Page (with faceted search)

WoowShop Commerce Theme - Category Page

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!